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Gorditas mean “little fat ones” in Spanish, and during the holidays Santa may not be the only one who fits in that category. Calorie counting aside, gorditas are a great traditional Mexican dish that is made year round in Latino households. Cousin to...
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Brigaderios: Brazilian Chocolate Truffles for Christmas

In our home, the holidays are not complete without chocolate: mole, tamales, champurrado and plenty of chocolate desserts. Despite our arsenal of flourless chocolate cake, chocoflan, chocolate sugar cookies, chocolate biscotti, and homemade chocolate mousse, there is always room for a little more chocolate...
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A flesh sweet like honey and raisins. Skin soft and velvety. It's fig season and we couldn't be happier. The varieties of California figs that roll across our tables from about mid-May through December each year include Brown Turkey, Black Mission, Calimyrna and Kadota.We recently tasted an assortment of...
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