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A flesh sweet like honey and raisins. Skin soft and velvety. It's fig season and we couldn't be happier. The varieties of California figs that roll across our tables from about mid-May through December each year include Brown Turkey, Black Mission, Calimyrna and Kadota.We recently tasted an assortment of...
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It can be tough trying to find Latin desserts to replicate in our kitchen when many of the ingredients are not readily available to us. Luckily this recipe for Brazilian Guava Soufflé, or Suflê de Goiabada, calls for guava jam, which can be found in most...
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HOMEMADE CAJETA: A Silky Goat’s Milk Caramel

Cajeta (pronounced cah-heh-tah) is a silky smooth Mexican caramel similar to dulce de leche.  The one big difference, and the thing that sets cajeta apart from regular caramel and dulce de leche is the type of milk used.  Most traditional caramels use cow’s milk,...
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Tequila Roasted Mango Fool Dessert Recipe

I had been reading about local chefs and restaurants serving fruit-infused tequilas and mescals and immediately started to think about how I can use that flavor in a dessert. That was the inspiration for this Tequila Roasted Mango Fool Dessert.A fruit fool (or...
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