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Brussels Sprouts with Mexican Chorizo

I probably would not have considered Brussels sprouts for breakfast had it not been for chorizo. Good old Mexican chorizo (beef or pork) is a sausage made with spices like garlic and paprika and of course powdered chile. While chorizo has a number of applications we...
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Calabacitas, or “little squash” in Spanish, is a Mexican dish of cooked squash often served as a side dish, but substantial enough for a hearty vegetarian main.  The dish can be made as a casserole, but is often made as a thick, chunky vegetable...
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Cultures all over the world have enjoyed a form of pasta for centuries, and while this humble noodle has roots in Moorish Spain, fideo is a staple in most Mexican pantries. In Spanish, fideo means noodle. This noodle is typically found in a bag...
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Easter Ham with Pineapple Chile Glaze

Although our family's Easter dinner consists of BBQ steaks, beans and rice, I still love a good ham for breakfast with eggs over easy during the holiday weekend. Most of the grocery stores have great deals this weekend on hams. Plus, the Easter Ham...
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