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One of the best food, lifestyle & travel blogs in Los Angeles, LatinoFoodie has quickly become a top source for foodies to find recipes and discover exciting travel destinations. As true gourmands, we love to eat cuisine from all over the world. Yet, our favorite remains Mexican and Latin food.

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Let LatinoFoodie inspire your inner chef with these delicious Mexican and Latin-inspired recipes. From main dishes to desserts, we showcase the recipes we love and remember from our childhood.

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Latino Chef Q & As

Curious about the people behind the food or restaurants? In this section, we interview some of the most popular chefs near and far.

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    Here’s a recipe idea for your leftover corned beef roast – Corned Beef Tacos. I’ve always found it a bit strange that in our predominantly Latino community of Los Angeles we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. Granted there are no parades like on the east coast, but it is definitely “celebrated” at all the local pubs.   I’m wondering how many of Continue Reading...
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    Menudo Rojo, Menudo Blanco and Menudo Verde. Three ways to cook menudo and all exceptionally delicious. Below is our recipe for Menudo Verde. It’s a perfect meal to prepare when you are home and have several hours in the kitchen to cook. I’ll pop open a bottle of good Mexican beer, throw on my apron, and get to work trimming Continue Reading...
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  • Let Santa Maria Valley Capture Your Palate and Recharge Your Soul #SantaMariaStyle
    After a grueling work week, Art and I love to pack up the car and hit the road. Our culinary senses mostly take us to places where we can find good food and drink. This past weekend we ventured about 3 1/2 hours north of Los Angeles to a place called Santa Maria Valley as they were celebrating Restaurant Week. Continue Reading...
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  • MENUDO ROJO — From Peasant Food to a Mexican Classic
    A traditional Mexican dish, menudo rojo is a spicy soup made with beef tripe. You either love it or hate it. Luckily, I grew up loving the red menudo my mom would make. I guess people are thrown off with the tripe ingredient. Makes them a little leery about the soup. Preparing homemade menudo in my family typically signifies a major Continue Reading...
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    What’s that saying? “Everything old is new again.” Recently, we were in Colorado Springs and learned about this place. What was once considered an eyesore in the community and a haven for homeless and criminal activity, now has new life infused into it thanks to a couple of investors who saw potential with the vacant hotel originally built in 1967. Continue Reading...
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This video has more than 513,000 views on our LatinoFoodie YouTube channel. It's crazy what hits. You're a YouTube star Lourdes Rodriguez!
Happy Friday! I could use one of these micheladas today.

Corned beef is on sale at most local grocery stores. Be sure to get a large one for St. Patrick's Day and to have leftovers during the week to make sandwiches and these delicious SLOW COOKER CORNED BEEF TACOS....

Head over to the LatinoFoodie Instagram Stories to watch us prepare a Yucatán-style banana leaf wrapped fish. We had so much fun!!

😢After more than 140 years, a massive fig tree gracing the plaza where Los Angeles was founded collapses - Los Angeles Times

Looking for a sweet way to do some good? Come out to support Paletas for a Good Cause.

What is an “enfrijolada?”

It’s a beans and tortilla dish. Yep, that simple. Enfrijoladas were an essential part of farmhand living in Mexico. This rustic dish helped to fortify rancheros,…

Wishing all the mujeres in our lives a happy International Women’s Day. We support the fight for gender equality around the world. #iwd2019


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