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Hola/Hello! Welcome to LatinoFoodie, a food and travel blog based in Los Angeles. Stephen and Art love to share favorite homestyle Mexican food recipes and local restaurant finds. We’re foodies at heart. You’ll also learn about our culinary travel adventures. Thank you for following along for the ride and sharing our site with family and friends.    

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Let LatinoFoodie inspire your inner chef with these delicious Mexican and Latin-inspired recipes. From main dishes to desserts, we showcase the recipes we love and remember from our childhood.

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Latino Chef Q & As

Curious about the people behind the food or restaurants? In this section, we interview some of the most popular chefs near and far.

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  • A Recipe to Make Summer Memories with Your Family; Balsamic Strawberries and Honey-Ricotta Cream
    Think of Strawberries and Cream but with an adult twist. This lovely Balsamic Strawberries and Honey-Ricotta Cream recipe will elevate your dessert game, that’s for sure!  See what summer memories come up for you while you and your family are preparing this recipe for a twist on Strawberries and Cream. Berry picking with your parents, strawberry pie-eating contests at the Continue Reading...
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  • Black Bean Tlacoyos made with Cacique Cotija cheese
    This is a sponsored post by Cacique Inc. All opinions are my own. There are few ingredients that call my name like cheese does. So partnering to work with Cacique, the number one brand of Mexican cheeses, is a dream come true. Making tlacoyos with Cacique Cotija was a no-brainer to me for a vegetarian meal, but I also wanted Continue Reading...
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  • MyCajita – Discover Artisan Mexican Gifts
    The idea of MyCajita came at the right time, given our “new normal” of online shopping due to the Coronavirus pandemic.  Worried about Mother’s Day or a comadre’s birthday?  Not to worry.  MyCajita is an online subscription-based shopping destination supporting more than 155 artisans throughout Mexico.  The company sent us the “SALUD” box knowing we love to host cocktail parties. Continue Reading...
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    Mmmmmm….. Carrot Cake. It’s one of my favorite cakes in the whole wide world. The recipe for Carrot Cake is moist, dense, and quite honestly to die for!  We’ve made a number of carrot cakes over the years. The cream cheese frosting stands out as a winner in this recipe. Simple, velvety, absolutely delicious. This recipe was inspired by Dorie Continue Reading...
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    Since we consider ourselves ROYALTY, we were thrilled to receive a private invitation to experience The Queen Mary’s Royal Sunday Brunch. Sure by the end of the #SundayFunday affair our crowns were a little tilted from all the free-flowing champagne, but we had to share our experience even if it was a little blurry with you. VISIT THE QUEEN MARY Continue Reading...
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