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Hola/Hello! Welcome to LatinoFoodie, a food and travel blog based in Los Angeles. Stephen and Art love to share favorite homestyle Mexican food recipes and local restaurant finds. We’re foodies at heart. You’ll also learn about our culinary travel adventures. Thank you for following along for the ride and sharing our site with family and friends.    

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Let LatinoFoodie inspire your inner chef with these delicious Mexican and Latin-inspired recipes. From main dishes to desserts, we showcase the recipes we love and remember from our childhood.

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Latino Chef Q & As

Curious about the people behind the food or restaurants? In this section, we interview some of the most popular chefs near and far.

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    Sometimes I am just amazed at how the simplest ingredients come together so quickly to make such a delicious dish. That’s how I feel about Chuletas de Puerco en Salsa Tomate.  The thinly sliced pork chops are first seared and browned and later bathed in a spicy tomato salsa. The tomato salsa is basic – tomatoes, onion, garlic, serrano peppers. Continue Reading...
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    I’ve been messing with this chili recipe now for many years. I’ve made it with turkey, chicken, ground beef, chorizo, but I’ve finally come to terms that it’s the Beef Chili that I prefer. This recipe for Chili Con Carne uses a beef round roast.  I wanted a chili that would permeate the entire house with a smokey aroma and Continue Reading...
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    A traditional Mexican dish, menudo rojo is a spicy soup made with beef tripe. I grew up loving the red menudo my mom would make.  Preparing homemade menudo in my family typically signifies a major celebration, whether it be a wedding, baptism, or ring in the New Year. To me, it also signified love. Did I mention it is also Continue Reading...
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  • What’s A Super Bowl Party Without Guacamole? Try This Fool-Proof Avocado Dip Recipe
    There’s nothing better than a big bowl of spicy guacamole at the Big Game, right? Luckily, I grew up with two avocado trees at my parents’ house in Pico Rivera, Calif. The tree in the front yard produced large, bumpy, green-skinned Hass avocados. It was a gorgeous tree of medium height. The backyard tree, which was much taller and where Continue Reading...
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  • Día de los Muertos: Pan de Muerto Recipe
    While mainstream America is doing its best to make Día de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead, a Mexican Halloween, it is not, and there are many essays, rants, posts and bitter tweets all over the internet that will set you straight once and for all. This, however, is not one of those posts. In our home we celebrate Continue Reading...
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@rpesce @NorthgateGlzMrk We are HUGE fans of @NorthgateGlzMrk. Not only do they offer fresh produce and delicious food from their cocina, but the fact that they give so much back to the community makes us feel good to shop there.

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