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Hola/Hello! Welcome to LatinoFoodie, a food and travel blog based in Los Angeles. Stephen and Art love to share favorite homestyle Mexican food recipes and local restaurant finds. We’re foodies at heart. You’ll also learn about our culinary travel adventures. Thank you for following along for the ride and sharing our site with family and friends.    

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Let LatinoFoodie inspire your inner chef with these delicious Mexican and Latin-inspired recipes. From main dishes to desserts, we showcase the recipes we love and remember from our childhood.

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Latino Chef Q & As

Curious about the people behind the food or restaurants? In this section, we interview some of the most popular chefs near and far.

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    Cinco de Mayo commemorates the historic Battle of Puebla when a small Mexican army defeated the well-financed French army. Please remember, that it does not mark Mexico’s independence. Although the holiday is mostly celebrated here in the United States, we think it is a good opportunity to take a deeper look at the city of Puebla’s most iconic dish -with Continue Reading...
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  • GRANDMA’S CAPIROTADA RECIPE – Simple and Classic
    My Grandma’s Capirotada recipe is simple with not a lot of ingredients. The flavor takes me to another place in time when life was good and my mom was in the kitchen making this dish for us on a Sunday evening during Lent.  Above all, the Mexican bread pudding has warm notes from a beautifully rich syrup of cinnamon, clove, Continue Reading...
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    We live only two hours away from Baja California, where battered fish tacos hail from. I can still remember sitting on a street curb in Tijuana eating my first “authentic” Baja-style fish taco while in college. As I grew older, the scene changed from being curbside to sitting rooftop overlooking the beautiful Pacific Ocean with a plateful of fish tacos Continue Reading...
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  • Make your Valentine Swoon with This Flourless Chocolate Cake
    Chocolate has a place in my kitchen and my heart because that is where my chocolate desserts are born: for my friends, family and my beau. Stephen has his favorite desserts that aren’t always chocolate, such as cheesecake, tres leches cake, crème brûlée, etc. And while he has had his far share, it’s important not to spoil him…too much. It Continue Reading...
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  • Al Pastor Marinade Recipe
    This is our simple, yet flavorful recipe for al pastor. The traditional trompo is fantastic but if you don’t have one handy, you can grill, roast or pan fry for that same sweet, tangy, smoky goodness that you’d expect from al pastor tacos. With that in mind, I replaced the traditional orange juice for pineapple juice, since you won’t get Continue Reading...
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