Who Is LatinoFoodie.com?

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Based in Los Angeles, LatinoFoodie has quickly become a source for home cooks and foodies to come to for original and adapted recipes that are a mix of traditional and modern interpretations of Mexican dishes. Our blog also posts a calendar of LA- area food events, feature stories on Latino/a chefs and restaurants and offers articles educating our readers about the history of Latino food.

LatinoFoodie Editors

I love this picture as it was taken before we got married but had already started down the path of sharing our love for food and being in the kitchen. Our hope is that you’ll have just as much fun taking that walk with us and watch Art showing off his classically trained culinary skills as a graduate from Le Cordon Bleu and me (Stephen) throwing my fun-loving spirit into homemade dishes.

We search for the freshest ingredients and love adding new contemporary twists to some old standards whether it be Mexican, American or other ethnic cuisines. Often the dishes we prepare for family and friends come from a memory of childhood or perhaps it was a dish we ate somewhere in our travels. You’ll find our personal stories interwoven between the recipes and our explorations.

Happy Eating!

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