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Based in Los Angeles, LatinoFoodie highlights cultural trends in food and beverage. We have quickly become a source for home cooks and foodies to come to for our original and adapted recipes, product reviews, calendar of food events, and cultural capsules educating our readers about the history of Latin food and cuisine.


Art Rodriguez
Co-Founder, Lead Recipe Developer

My keen interest in food led me to enroll and graduate from Le Cordon Bleu, Hollywood campus, in 2009. I honed my culinary skills in the kitchens of LCB and working with renowned food stylist and recipe tester, Rochelle Palermo.  Working in a test kitchen has allowed me to explore the wide range of cooking: from working out of a truck for internet webisodes to cooking alongside celebrity chefs to filming a TV pilot.  But the palate never rests, and my nose is eager to sniff out my next culinary adventure. Today, you can find me cooking at Nestle corporate headquarters in Glendale, Calif. 


Chef Stephen Chavez

Stephen Chavez
Co-Founder and Editor 
This blog is my creative outlet and allows me to share my culinary experiences with all of you. And, that’s what food is really all about, right? Sharing. Creating. Cultivating. In my teens I relished cooking traditional Mexican dishes with my mom, watching carefully as she rolled tortilla dough in her hands or diced serrano peppers for the salsa. I played “sous chef” back then and continue to serve that role with Art in our home kitchen. 


Norma Vega, Contributing Writer and Editor
From time to time, our dear friend and world traveler Norma Vega provides LatinoFoodie with educational cultural capsules from the Latin food world. From her extensive travels throughout Mexico, Spain and South America, and studies of Latin cultures and literature, Norma offers readers historical perspectives and insight into the social/economic impact that the food and beverage industry has had over time and especially on today’s society. Earning her doctorate at UCLA, Norma is a full-time professor at East Los Angeles College.

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