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Being a food blogger definitely has its perks. During the past seven months, LatinoFoodie indulged in delicious dishes like Peruvian lomo saltado, duck comfit tacos, and probably at least 20 different variety of tacos all in one weekend at the Los Angeles Times’ The Taste extravaganza.

What we didn’t take into account when we started this blog were the 20+ pounds we’ve gained over this short period. They forgot to tell us in “Blogger 101” that while indulging in scrumptious cuisine from food festivals, food trucks, restaurant reviews, and recipes we’ve developed at home that we also need to embrace exercise with the same vigor…. Well, who are we kidding? We knew this fact of life, but we were blinded by the gravy. Unfortunately, we could no longer ignore our panzas bulging over our belts or the fact that we looked like stuffed tamales in our holiday sweaters.  

LatinoFoodie Nation, this year will be different. Oh, trust me, we are definitely going to continue to seek out food and drink indulgences. Let’s get real. Butter and bacon will always be a big part of our lives. We just wanted to share with our readers that we’ll also be looking for new creative ways to enjoy delicious food without all of the fat and calories. It’s all about balance and moderation. A typical foodie day for us last year was eating:

Breakfast: Chorizo con Huevos, refried beans with gobs of melted cheese, and corn tortillas.

Lunch: Torta Milanesa with a side of macaroni salad and sweet potato fries.

Dinner: Porterhouse steak with a red wine reduction sauce, buttery garlic mashed potatoes, and one or two bottles of red wine.

Dessert: Molten lava chocolate cake.

Like we said, we’ll still eat all of these favorite dishes, but not all on one day.  In this upcoming year, we’ll be calling out when we prepare a homemade, traditional Latin-inspired recipe, substituting some ingredients for healthier options. We’ll also search for stories about restaurants/chefs who are creating unique, flavorful and healthy Latino dishes. 

LatinoFoodie had a great year in 2011, and we’re planning to make 2012 an even better year for our blog and our health.

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