Score a Touch Down with LatinoFoodie’s #SuperBowl Sunday Appetizers

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Ready for the Big Game this Sunday? Since the Rams aren’t playing (no heckling) Art and I had to figure out who to root for this game. Considering he is from Colorado and it is the Year of the Horse we chose the Broncos. That’s right, we are jumping on the Bronco Fanwagon and we have no shame. Let’s face it, both of us are more excited about the ooey and gooey food, beer and commercials — all in that order.

Here are a few of our favorite appetizer recipes for you to consider to score a touch down at your Super Bowl tailgate party. Simply click on the pictures and follow the link to the recipes.


Pork Chorizo and Beans Fried Plantain Cups
Platano cups with chorizo beans

Fiery Shrimp Cocktail

Shrimp cocktail

Wontons and a Spicy Habanero and Mango Dipping Sauce







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  1. mom

    Son this is delicioso!!!! I just finished making this cocktail or salad??? Right now I am savoring it.!yum!! of course I made mine with out the hot stuff,you know what a chicken your mother is,it still came out scrumptous—love always Mom—–ps how is your eye???

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