Buchanan’s Offers Easy Ways to Entertain at Home “A Lo Grande” on New Year’s Eve

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Diageo World Class Bartender of the Year David Rios from Spain shares tips for creating a perfect holiday punch to celebrate with family and friends

Special gatherings call for special beverages and nothing makes a party more festive than punch. A New Year’s Eve punch satisfies your guests, relieves some party planning stress and saves you time and money. David Rios offers some useful tips to help you make your next holiday party unforgettable, using a very popular spirit—whisky, Buchanan’s.

What Kind of Punch to Serve?
You may be most familiar with iced, fruit-based punch and cream-based punches — both hot and cold. The perfect holiday punch may be one from a great party you attended. Whatever your preference, a little planning can help make your holiday punch more flavorful and enticing to your guests.

Whisky: An Ideal Spirit for a Delicious Holiday Punch
Whisky is an ideal drink for the holidays because its caramel and vanilla undertones go hand-in-hand with seasonal flavors and can be mixed with many other popular holiday ingredients to make delicious punches.

Choosing the Right Whisky
Choosing the right whisky is a personal decision based on price, whisky preference and how it will be used. Buchanan’s features four different types of whiskies: DeLuxe, Master, Special Reserve and Red Seal. Each whisky varies with age, appearance, taste and finish; and each one can be enjoyed differently, depending on individual characteristics. Spend some time to sample different varieties and find the perfect whisky for your party punch.

Use Only the Freshest Ingredients
Make sure to use the freshest ingredients in your punch. Fresh sliced fruit, herbs and freshly squeezed fruit juice all work well. Avoid using too many ice cubes in cold punch to ensure it avoid losing its kick. Instead, make a batch of punch (without the alcohol) ahead of time and freeze it into decorative shapes to use as a flavored cooling agent. You can insert some creativity here by incorporating whole or sliced fruits or fresh herbs, such as mint, into your mold to add a splash of color.

Pairing Holiday Punch with Appetizers
Anytime you serve cocktails, you should also serve some delicious appetizers. Since punches are typically sweet, think about a more savory menu offering. Some favorites include mini taquitos, meat and vegetable filled empanadas, croquetas de jamon, or chips and salsa.

Keeping Your Loved Ones Safe
Throw a holiday party responsibly. Make sure you remind guests to keep eating as they drink, and offer water and non-caffeinated drinks for guests to alternate with to stay hydrated. You may also want to think of making a non-alcoholic party punch. Most importantly, remind them to get home safely by walking, catching a cab, or getting a ride home with a designated driver.

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Gold Basque Punch

Gold Basque Punch for New Year’s Eve
60ml Buchanan’s Deluxe
30ml Amer Picon bitter aperitif or Aperol
30ml Pineapple juice
10ml Grenadine
30ml Soda water

Glass: Wine glass
Garnish: Orange twist
Method: Stir ingredients over a large block of ice and strain into chilled glass.

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