For One Night Only Playa Restaurant Hosts “Foods from Chile”

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With fertile land and pristine waters stretching across the long Latin American country, Chile features some of the world’s best produce and cuisine. We had a chance to experience the richness of flavors recently at Playa Restaurant in Beverly Hills. Launching a new campaign in the U.S. called “Foods from Chile,” Playa Chef John Rivera Sedlar opened the doors of his restaurant to renowned Chilean Chef Rodolfo Guzman. The goal of the campaign is to spread awareness on just how much food that Americans eat every day actually comes from Chile. From blueberries to fresh salmon, Chilean products keep our grocery stores’ shelves stocked during the winter months when these goods are out of season in the U.S. and in season in Chile. 

Chef Guzman showcased his country’s wholesome food along with intricate preparation techniques. Guzman, 34, showed how he works indigenous Chilean ingredients into stunning modernist dishes, building a stellar culinary reputation with Boragó, his restaurant in Santiago. 

Below are a few of the dishes we enjoyed: 

Crispy Apple with Chicken Liver — Caramelized apple slices layered with chicken liver and cherry pâté.

Mussel broth in the style of curanto, a southern Chilean dish of meats and seafood buried in the ground with hot stones and native woods.

Orange skin puree with flakes of sheer, crisp chicken skin. Waiters spooned drops of chicken broth over the plate as it was being served.

A Chilean salmon in a reworking of rescoldo, a way that food is cooked in charcoal to flavor it with smoke and wood aromas.

Dessert consisted of violet flower ice cream, blueberry nougat meringue and blueberry crisp nougat, incorporating a maqui concentrate, a small berry with powerful tannins, Guzman noted.



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