NESTLÉ® USA LAUNCHES NEW NESTLÉ® AGUAS FRESCAS READY-TO-DRINK BEVERAGES — 100% natural & authentic Jamaica, Horchata, Tamarindo flavors

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You know when a Swiss company sells Aguas Frescas that corporate America is finally realizing the strength of the U.S. Hispanic purchasing power. LatinoFoodie can’t wait to try them!

Nestlé USA has recently introduced three authentic flavored aguas frescas drinks in select markets across the United States arriving in stores in time for summer.

Based on traditional Hispanic beverages, Nestlé® Aguas Frescas are 100 percent natural.  Nestlé® Aguas Frescas Jamaica, made from hibiscus flowers and Tamarindo, made from tamarind puree, are an excellent source of Vitamin C; Nestlé® Aguas Frescas Horchata is made from rice and cinnamon, and is an excellent source of Calcium. It’ll be interesting to see the sugar content in these new drinks. Wonder if Latinos would find it sacrilege to make an Aguas Frescas “Lite”? 

“Consumers with roots in the Hispanic culture will find that Nestlé® Aguas Frescas reminds them of home, of growing up,” said Nestlé® spokesperson Juan Motta, Head of Domestic Emerging Markets. “It’s another way to blend the best of two cultures.  Nestlé® Aguas Frescas delivers the refreshing and authentic taste of home with the convenience of a ready-to-drink format for the U.S. lifestyle.”

 The Beginnings of Aguas Frescas

 In the 15th century, Aztec farmers would paddle their canoes into Tenochtitlan (now Mexico City) with fresh fruit that they would mash and mix with water for a refreshing drink.  Many centuries later, this type of beverage is popular all throughout Latin America. Made from the fruits that are in season in each region, aguas frescas are an iconic part of Latin American culture. If you have visited the more authentic restaurants you will have noticed these beverages being served with a ladle out of a ‘vitrolero’ (a traditional glass dispenser) and poured over ice. Aguas Frescas are popular both with meals and as a refreshing beverage throughout the day.

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