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Los Angeles Magazine Best Of 2011 is now available online.  The list was published in the August issue, but for thse of you who missed it, strap in and try not to drool on your keyboard.  The list is burger heavy, so if you’re into that (and who isn’t?) take a look at the whole list.  For now I’d like to point out a very special burger that won for Best Fusion Burger, and it’s called The Gluster burger from the creative folks at Biergarten in Koreatown.  It was co-created by the local foodie & blogger Javier Cabral, a.k.a The Gluster.  The burger (you can pick beef, pork or a mixture of both) is topped with a fried green tomato slice, pickled onions, guacamole, black beans and an ezpazote aioli.  Oh, did I mention it’s on a King’s Hawaiian sweet roll?

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