All This Talk About Weiner Makes Us Hungry for a Hot Dog

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The headline news of Rep. Anthony Weiner’s (D-N.Y.) recent scandal (and now we here his wife is expecting a baby) made me think about other wieners around the country. Get your mind out of the gutter. I am talking about hot dogs. You have Chicago dogs and NY dogs, but I must say, the bacon wrapped hot dog in Los Angeles is definitely one of my favorites. So, in lieu of Rep. Weiner’s inappropriate acts giving “wieners” a bad name, LatinoFoodie would like to turn this story around and salute the LA Bacon Wrapped Hot Dog.

The Famed Bacon Wrapped Hot Dog in Los Angeles

There is nothing better than stumbling out of a local bar or club in Silverlake or Hollywood and seeing a small white cart a topped with bacon-wrapped hot dogs and whole jalapeños on the grill. Add a squirt of mayonnaise, mustard and grilled onions into the bun and you are set for the after party or your cama.

Do you remember when the nationwide meat giant Farmer John launched a city-wide marketing campaign to claim the bacon wrapped hot dog the “official hot dog of Los Angeles.” They must have spent millions on giant billboards, radio spots and banner ads. I voted an affirmative “heck yeah.” Does anyone know whatever happened? Is the bacon wrapped hot dog crowned the “official” dog of LA?

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