You Say Tomato, I Say Xitomatl!

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After reading Norma Vega’s recent Cultural Capsule on the Origin of the Tomato, we were inspired to create our own “tomatopalooza.” We had fun searching for some tasty tomato/xitomatl recipes.  What are your favorite xitomatl based recipes?


Huevos Rancheros smothered in Tomato Sauce

As palettes are awakened and grow, a foods’ status can also evolve from peasant food to haute cuisine.   We can’t speak of “peasant dishes” without mentioning Huevos Rancheros.  This simple dish of fried eggs, corn tortillas, beans and Ranchero sauce — a tomato-based sauce — has earned its place in the “Peasant Food” hall-of-fame, right up there with Arroz con pollo, Paella, Coq au vin, Putanesca, just to name a few.  While this traditional Mexican dish hasn’t reached that level, it certainly has become a breakfast favorite.  For you foodies: follow the link to see what James Oseland thought of  La Abeja’s Huevos Rancheros, then hop in your car and head to Highland Park or make your own.


Empanadas de Jitomate/Tomato Jam Tunrover

Fany Gerson, born and raised in Mexico  City, had this edible curiosity in her book, My Sweet MexicoBefore you pass this up, I implore you to try it.  Mix it up and try different tomatoes, or take it from sweet to savory by adding some herbs.  In the unlikely event that you have any jam left over, top your toast or egg sandwich, or serve it as dessert with rosemary cookies and ripened cheese.  Oh, and if you haven’t checked out Chef Fany Gerson’s cook book, do it!  While you’re at it, get new her book, Paletas, that hits bookstores June 7th…today!


Bloody Mary/Maria

To round out our tomato picks, we give you the Bloody Mary/Maria.  A Bloody Maria is a fun twist on the Bloody Mary; just add tequila in place of vodka.  We found this great article on Bloody Marys/Marias on Serious Eats.  It details the complexity and versatility of this breakfast-friendly cocktail.  From the spices, to the garnish, to the heat.  Follow their advice: stick to a tomato-based juice.

It doesn’t matter if you say tomato or xitomatl, just as long as you enjoy what you’re cooking, baking or mixing.

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