Del Real Foods Welcomes Bloggers in Style for Cinco de Mayo

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Saturday’s sun scorched down on us as we waited for our bus at Union Station. Destination? Rancho Cucamonga. Yes, that same hillside where a wild fire scorched thousands of acres just a week earlier. We didn’t know what to expect. Was the air going to be thick as molasses and hard to breathe? It was close to 90 degrees in LA, what could it possibly be like in the Inland Empire?

LatinoFoodie along with several other bloggers were on our way to the home of the Cardenas Family, owners of Cardenas Market and Del Real Foods.

I had packed up a homemade fermented brew of Tepache (recipe to be shared on the blog soon) along with a small ice chest filled with some light Mexican lagers. Once we got out of the sun and onto the air-conditioned bus, I began pouring everyone around me the fruity beverage. From the first sip it felt like everything was going to be all right after all for our weekend Cinco de Mayo excursion.

And, boy, were we pleasantly surprised when we stepped off the bus on a sunny hillside in Rancho Cucamonga. Not only was the air clear, but the temperature had dropped and there was a slight breeze.

Del Real Foods really knew how to treat bloggers, offering up fresh aguas frescas of melon, pineapple and horchata as soon as we entered onto the property of the family home. They showcased delicious pupusas filled with cheese and succulent al pastor pork, mini sopes with beef barbacoa, toasted mini tortas filled with shredded chicken, and Memphis style glazed pork carnitas sliders with honey mustard slaw. Did I mention they also had an open bar? You know we were all over that one!

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Your very own LatinoFoodie co-editor Stephen Chavez moderated a panel with Chef Gina Galvan from Chomp Chomp Nation, Tony Spatafora of Dish it Out! With Tony Spatafora, and Chef Aaron Perez. The panel covered the evolution of Mexican food in the United States and previewed an upcoming Del Real Foods’ “Fight for Flavor”  challenge featuring local chefs, including Chef Galvan and Perez, who will be creating signature dishes with Del Real Food products as a base.

Del Real Collage 1

Del Real Collage 2It was a gorgeous day set in the foothills. Thank you Del Real Foods and the Cardenas family for such a fun time. We can’t wait to follow the Fight For Flavor Challenge coming up next fall.

For more information about Del Real Foods products, be sure to visit:


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