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Recently we had a minor scare with both of our fathers and their hearts. One had to have a pacemaker inserted and the other was rushed to the hospital for chest pains. The enormity of the experience have Art and I rethinking our recipes for ourselves and loved ones. That was our inspiration to create a Heart Healthy Father’s Day Menu to inspire you and your family to eat better and not skimp out on the great Mexican flavors that we love and hold dear to our hearts.

We love our Papa Bears and want them around for a long time. Them, including us, can only benefit from eating more healthy. It’s a tough journey because for our dads they have pretty much been eating whatever they wanted — steak, refried beans, arroz,, pan dulce, and lots and lots tortillas. My mouth waters just writing that down because those are also all of my favorite dishes. And, who wants to completely give that up? Not me! It’s a matter of making better choices and enjoying these foods in moderation.

And, this is why we have created A SPECIAL FATHER’S DAY MENU with more heart healthy options from our blog that carry authentic Mexican flavors. We know now that you don’t have to give up flavor to eat well. Challenge yourself to find healthier ways to prepare meals, whether it be switching to Canola or Olive oils vs. pork lard to incorporating more fruits and vegetables into your meals. If you’d like to learn more about keeping your heart strong and healthy, we encourage you also to visit the American Heart Association at www.heart.org and consider a donation.

Kick-off the family gathering with a delicious guacamole. What dad doesn’t love guac?! For this recipe of Grilled Tomatillo Guacamole, you will take a very simple and classic dish of guacamole and combine it with the sweet-tartness of smoky, grilled tomatillos.

Take the time to enjoy the first produce of an early summer. Here is our recipe for a terrifically simple, yet delicious salad. You don’t need a dressing, but if you decide to go that route we suggest a citrus vinaigrette of some sort, like an orange & fennel vinaigrette. But, quite honestly, a squeeze of lime juice will work perfectly.

Is it me or do avocados add something to dishes that make them taste extra special — even the healthier versions of traditional dishes?

We’ve combined this new Cacique Soy Chorizo with ground turkey. Let’s face it, lean turkey can often lead to dry burgers, but Cacique Soy Chorizo brings all that bold spice and moisture for a simple, yet extremely flavorful burger. (Shhhhh!!!! Your dad won’t even know the difference!).

Poached pears are of two worlds: Simple, yet complex. Humble, yet elegant. Modest, yet decadent. Poaching pears with wine is commonplace in our kitchen, but in this healthier version, we put a cork on the bottle and instead used an ingredient so common and traditional to Latinos – flor de Jamaica, or dried hibiscus flowers. These can be served over a bowl of fat-free Greek vanilla yogurt.

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