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Updated 2/24/15 — CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR WINNER: Connie Kmiec from Wisconsin!! We’ll be sending you a basket of Herdez Brand salsas this week! ENJOY!!!

Everything happened so fast and for not being a “morning person” waking up at the crack of dawn to be on television for a cooking segment felt so chaotic and weird.

You see, last week, I (Stephen) visited the KABB-TV FOX station to showcase two heart healthy dishes using Herdez brand products: the Salsa Verde Sauce and the Chipotle Cooking Sauce, plus the Doña Maria Nopalitos. Two separate dishes within a 3-5 minute segment being interviewed by an over-excited news anchor who just wanted to help me cook. WATCH VIDEO BY CLICKING HERE.

My adrenaline started pumping once the producer told me we’d be on in a few minutes. I wasn’t completely ready setting up as they moved my segment up 30 minutes in the show, but hey, that’s show biz, right?! I put my game face on and as you can see in this video, I completely took over the interview. The pobrecita show host didn’t have a chance. She kept wanting to help me cook, but I was like, “Honey, step aside. If I stop to show you how to do something I am going to completely screw up.”

San Antonio collage

The segment ended and everyone was happy, especially me. We’d like to thank our sponsor Herdez Brand for the opportunity to introduce LatinoFoodie to audiences in San Antonio, Texas and to share our recipes using the flavorful and authentic salsas and nopalitos. You can find the recipe for the Chicken Tinga Tostada and Green Chile Enchiladas with Doña Maria Nopalitos and Mushrooms here on this blog or find other delicious Mexican recipes over at the Herdez website.

Better yet, you can enter to win YOUR OWN basket full of Herdez products right here below!

Gift basket2

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  1. Love Herdez and Latino Foodie

    • Stephen Chavez

      Ah, thank you Nancy!! 🙂

    • Stephen Chavez

      This is Stephen and I love green chile as well, Mary!

  2. RED RED RED!!

  3. Thanks for the chance!

  4. I love the Red!

  5. Green for me – my favorite!

  6. Green, please

  7. Green is my faborite.

  8. Green is my favorite!

  9. What a great prize! I will be checking out those recipes too!

    • Red is my favorite color! Forgot to post with previous comment.

  10. Green is my favorite!

  11. Great giveaway! We LOVE Herdez!!

  12. Green is my absolute favorite!!

  13. I am officially changing my name to Herdez! I love their food!

  14. I love green sauce!

  15. Red is definately my favorite!

  16. Green 🙂

  17. My favorite is Red. Love it.

  18. What a wonderful idea of enchiladas verdes using nopalitos!! great dish for lent. Of course green is my favorite one 🙂

  19. Very nice..thanks for the chance

  20. World really like to try the chipotle sauce.

  21. This will play right into my New Year’s resolution of trying out new recipes! Never tried Green Chile, that will be first on the list!

  22. Love the green!

  23. We love Herdez Salsa Verde when my son and I cook Tripas de Res.
    The Best Marriage is Tacos de Tripas con Herdez Salsa Verde.
    Thank you!

  24. red and not too hot for this northerner!

  25. My favorite is always red, but I can eat them both.

  26. I love the GREEN!!! WOOOHOOO!!

  27. I love cooking with your products. Do you have a sweet plantain recipe to share?

  28. Red please

  29. The spicy one Green!!

  30. Red is my favorite color,I’d love to win. This!

  31. red is my favorite.

  32. Love the Green!

  33. Love the Green!

  34. Green chile enchiladas are the best. My mom makes them especially for me because when I cook them at my house my sister makes me use red sauce. 🙁
    I’m also the same way about cooking with others though. My sister is older than me but doesn’t know how to cook certain things so I kick her out of the kitchen!

    • Stephen Chavez

      You are too funny, Anna Morales! I hear you, though.

  35. I like red!

  36. Green!!!

  37. Red

  38. red

  39. red is my favorite

  40. Red, and on EVERYTHING!

  41. Red, yum!

  42. love Herdez Salsa

  43. I love red, my son loves green and my hubby loves both! Thanks for the giveaway!

  44. I love Red.

  45. I love this stuff and I would of been nervous too.

  46. Green is my favorite

    • Stephen Chavez

      Mine too! You’ll love the Herdez Brand Salsa Verde or the Tomatillo Verde Cooking Sauce.

  47. Love it!!!!!!

  48. Yum to Green!

  49. Red … For starters!

  50. My favorite is green. Thanks for the giveaway!

  51. My favorite, by far, is GREEN

  52. Gonna have to go with red!

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