Milk, Bedtime Stories and Giveaway!

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I am more than a cook and foodie. For those of you who don’t know, thanks to my mom, I am a book geek.  I worked/lived in bookstores for 7 years, 1 month and 13 days.  I love books so much that I set up a lending library in our home here in Alhambra.  I owe my love of books to one woman — my mom.  Some of my favorite, cherished childhood memories include making Saturday morning trips with my mama to the public library in Memorial Park, El Paso, TX. She always had books in the house.  Panda Bear’s Paint Box (Little Golden Books) is the first book memory I have.  My sister is carrying on that tradition and my nephews know the joy and importance of reading.

We all know the benefits that reading to children can provide, and how it can help to strengthen the bond between parents and their children. But did you know that giving your kids milk before bedtime may help them to sleep better, and be more alert and awake the following morning? There is a new collection of bilingual bedtime stories that were developed to encourage kids to drink milk while the story is being read to them. They provide a fun and engaging way to spend quality time with your children, while helping them to get a good night’s sleep.

With kids’ back in school, getting a good night’s sleep is important for everyone in the family – mom, dad, and uncles included! Go to to download them for free.

GIVEAWAY:  Leave a comment on this post with your kids favorite bedtime story for a chance to win a two month supply of milk via a $40 WalMart gift card AND a hard copy of the Bedtime Stories Book Collection.*  The giveaway ends Friday, October 12. Don’t forget to visit for free downloadable bedtime stories.  Don’t forget your glass of milk!

*Please note that the book will be sent within 4-6 weeks from the conclusion of the giveaway.

This is part of a sponsored campaign with the California Milk Processor Board and Latina Mom Bloggers. However, all opinions expressed are my own.

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