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This is a sponsored post by Cacique Inc.  All opinions are my own.

Gorditas mean “little fat ones” in Spanish, and during big family dinners it also means full, satisfied pansas. Making gorditas with Cacique’s Queso Enchilado is a special treat that does involve a little bit of labor like homemade tortillas or making tamales. Unlike tamales, you don’t need to schedule your life around making them. With minimal preparation you can have puffed, crispy gorditas ready for dinner in no time at all.

Get the recipe HERE for these Cacique Queso Enchilado and Rajas Gorditas.

Cacique Enchilado & Rajas Gorditas 4

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  1. Oh my goodness… those look sooo good!!! I haven’t had Gorditas in ages so I think it’s high time I make some!!!

    • Nancy we’d love to see a pic of your gorditas if you decide to make some!

  2. Ridiculously delicious looking!

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