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It had been years since I had visited Baja California. Going back was like visiting with an old friend. Sure time had passed, but the memories and bond remained strong. This Memorial Day Weekend Art and I ventured down south of the border with a few friends and had the time of our lives.

In Rosarito, we sampled a tamal that had a velvety smooth masa filled with cream cheese and diced jalapeños and topped with a cilantro pesto; tacos filled with stewed seafood, such as smoked tuna, octopus and shrimp; Baja-style lobster fried in lard and served with refried beans and Mexican rice along with thin, soft tortillas as large as a Medieval shield. Plus, Micheladas made with and without Clamato, margaritas, palomas (Squirt and tequila on ice), and a slightly sweet, almond-flavored tequila.

Baja California

Thankfully, a friend recommended a spot right at the entrance of the main strip to Rosarito Beach (across from the Calimax) called La Guerita Restaurant. They have a large sit down restaurant with excellent air conditioning and clean facilities. But, you’re going to want to hang out outside by their taco stand boasting some of the best guisados de mariscos (fish stews) we’ve ever tasted. As she wrote in her note, “putting all these trendy taco stands in LA to shame.”

Baja California

The colorful pastries and candies and fresh aguas made snack time fun!

Food from Rosarito

Art and our friend Lourdes stumbled upon an outdoor stand selling Clamato-based micheladas with Tecate beer.

Needless to say, we’re already planning our next trip down to Baja California. If you want to read more about the restaurants and culinary delights, we’d recommend following Bill Esparza (founder of Tacolandia) on Twitter:

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  1. I’ve never been there. Sounds like an interesting place. The food looks good too.

    • I was pleasantly surprised buy the food of Baja, but that one weekend was not enough. Now I crave Baja, and cannot wait until my next trip!

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