Happy Birthday to Us! Here’s Our Top 3 Posts

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This week marks the third anniversary of the LatinoFoodie blog. We looked back and found our top 3 posts to share with you. It feels amazing to turn one of our life’s passion into a hobby and now a source of pride, like watching a chocolate souffle perfectly rise in the oven.

Chicken mole, chorizo con papas, chile verde stuffed poblano peppers, menudo — all these mouthwatering recipes developed in our home kitchen and shared with all of you. Thank you for indulging in our stories and tasting our food.

We’ve learned so much since creating LatinoFoodie. Over the past three years, we have attended blogging seminars and conferences, joined blogger communities, but most importantly, we have established some great friends along the way. We have so much more to learn and accomplish, but we’re proud as we were named one of the top three food blogs by LATISM, featured in NBC Latino as one of the country’s top Latin food blogs, are contributing writers for Answers.com and The Latin Kitchen, and have just released a recipe in a new digital cookbook. Not too shabby!

3 Year Anniversary Collage FINAL

As we looked back at our top three most popular posts, I can’t help but think that they capture the spirit and voice of LatinoFoodie. One post is a traditional Mexican breakfast dish, hot and savory like us; the second post is a dessert with coconut and dulce de leche sauce, and finally the third a cultural capsule on the ambrosia of all fruits — the avocado written by our dear friend and contributing writer Norma Vega.

Join us as we take a stroll along memory lane and visit our top three posts below by clicking the picture:

First up is our uber popular traditional breakfast dish — red chilaquiles.

3 Years, Top 3 Posts: Red Chilaquiles

Next up, cool things off with these sweet coconut candies called cocadas.

3 Years, Top 3 Posts: Dulce de Leche Cocada

And last, but not least, a cultural look at those low hanging orbs, the delectable avocados.

3 Years, Top 3 Posts: The Delectable Avocado

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  1. Happy 3nd Blog B-day! I’m enjoying your blog tremendously! Let’s celebrate….

  2. Congrats on your achievement, so very proud of you & Art. Love you both,

  3. Three great posts, guys! Looking forward to exploring your blog in more depth. Everything I’ve seen so far looks great!

    • Stephen Chavez

      Thank you, Bill!

  4. Congrats Stevie and great job! You and Art are amazing!

    • Stephen Chavez

      Ah, thank you, Judi. Miss you!!

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