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Brigaderios: Brazilian Chocolate Truffles for Christmas

In our home, the holidays are not complete without chocolate: mole, tamales, champurrado and plenty of chocolate desserts. Despite our arsenal of flourless chocolate cake, chocoflan, chocolate sugar cookies, chocolate biscotti, and homemade chocolate mousse, there is always room for a little more chocolate...
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Our first dish using the leftover turkey we ventured into the world of soups. Not just any soup, but a turkey tortilla soup with a beautiful stock strutting layers of flavor from the roasted carcass, celery, carrots, and fresh sprigs of rosemary and lemon...
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Brussels Sprouts with Mexican Chorizo

I probably would not have considered Brussels sprouts for breakfast had it not been for chorizo. Good old Mexican chorizo (beef or pork) is a sausage made with spices like garlic and paprika and of course powdered chile. While chorizo has a number of applications we...
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