Chivas 1801 Club: Brotherhood and “Old Fashioned” Apple Pie

We’re always up for a good time and camaraderie. Recently, LatinoFoodie mingled with some pretty cool people at the grand opening of the Chivas 1801 Club in Los Angeles on March 20th.  With unexpected architecture and chic decor in a reclaimed space west of West Hollywood, I was plied with delicious little hors’ devours and some rocking Chivas Regal cocktails.  Before too many cocktails, I got to sit down with Brotherhood frontman, actor Adam Rodriguez.

Best known for his role as “Delko” in CSI: Miami, but most recently in the hit movie, Magic Mike, Adam talked about what the “Brotherhood” means.  He said that the Brotherhood is more than a club or a space – it’s quality. Quality hangouts and atmosphere with quality peeps and spirits.

We had the opportunity to taste Chivas Regal 12, 18, and 25.  The 12 year Chivas displayed  hints of apple, heather, and honey.  The 18 year tasted of caramel, and coffee, but raised the flavor profile further with hints of leather and wood.  The trick is to hold the Chivas in your mouth for five seconds, just past the sweet burn of the alcohol, and it will open up to a deep finish.  Enjoy with a luscious piece of chocolate cake for a decadent treat and surprising pairing.  The 25, which I had been eagerly awaiting, was exquisite.   Add a few drops of water to truly appreciate the complex flavorings.  You’ll travel through orange, chocolate and surprising florals with sweet apricot.  

After a dizzying tasting, we moved onto cocktails.  Chivas Regal 12 Buck with ginger beer was good, but Adam told me he likes to ease into an evening with a Chivas Regal 18 Old Fashioned.  Hands down, I am in love with this cocktail. It’s my new “everything” cocktail.  For a wide range of Chivas Regal cocktail recipes follow this link to the Chivas Brotherhood website.

And because this is a food blog, Adam shared with us some of his favorite “survivalist” chicken dishes to cook, among them are ginger chicken soup and pollo guisado.  He also gave me a great idea for a future post: he leaned in and said the the words “Old Fashioned Apple Pie.”  Instant brotherhood!  

Chivas 1801 Club Los Angeles
Chivas 1801 Club Los Angeles
Adam Rodriguez @ Chivas 1801 Club Los Angeles
Chivas Old Fashioned
Chivas 1801 Club Los Angeles
Chivas 1801 Club Los Angeles
Chivas 1801 Club Los Angeles
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