This Spud’s for you! National Potato Day

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 Welcome to National Potato Day.  Grab a spud and settle in for a tuber-riffic time.  In honor of the humble potato, we’ve rounded up a few recipes for your Russet’s & Idaho’s.

According to the National Potato Council, 35% of potatoes are utilized for frozen fries, with another 13% for potato chips.  Somewhere in the middle, 28% of the potatoes are purchased “fresh” here in the U.S. for our consumption.  Not even a third!  So aside from fries and chips, there are many applications for the tasty tots.  Don’t get me wrong, I love a good baked potato or a warm potato salad.  All I’m saying is while you’re making a fresh batch of guacamole and firing up the grill for a carne asada, try something new with the mighty potato this weekend. 

Simple and classic, make this salad for a picnic outing.

A Swedish take on the baked potato, this is sure to “wow” your guests.  Remember it’s just a fancy looking baked potato, so dress it up the same way you would a regular baked potato.

Check out Cowgirl’s post on to smoke your spudsFor dessert, read Kim Tilley’s post on potato desserts.  Try Lynn’s Chocolate Potato Cake.

Please feel free to share your favorite recipe with us at  Also, don’t forget to check out our post on the Origin of the Potato by Norma Vega and our chorizo con papas recipe.


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