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Photo Credit: California Strawberry Commission

Here in Southern California, we’re lucky to have sweet & tart strawberries available to us nearly year-round.  There is nothing better than biting into a chilled strawberry on a hot summer day fresh from the garden.  Too often we think of the luscious berries as components of breakfast or dessert, thereby limiting the awesome potential of the strawberry.  Wanting to stretch my berries further, I visited, the new site for the California Strawberry Commission.   Try out this recipe for Grilled Mahi-Mahi Tacos with Strawberry SalsaTo make it a little spicy, add a couple of diced jalapeño chiles.  

Photo Credit: McCormick

 As a fun appetizer or afternoon snack, you have to try McCormick’s recipe for Cool Strawberry Salsa and Cinnamon Tortilla Chips.  It’s not spicy, so it’s a fun summertime dish for the kids.  

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For the adults, whip up a batch of  Strawberry  Margaritas.   If you’re feeling adventurous, you can infuse your favorite tequila with the seasons first ripe  strawberries, as known as Tequila por mi AmanteThe three-week wait is well worth it.

Time to get creative and challenge yourself.  What’s your next strawberry creation?

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