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Dia de los Muertos continues to grow in popularity in the United States. It’s a beautiful tradition when families remember loved ones who have passed. It is a time to reflect and call the spirits back. The holiday, celebrated every year on November 2 in Mexico and parts of the southwest, also carries certain traditions around food. Families create ofrendas (Offerings) to honor their departed family members that have passed. These altars are decorated with yellow marigold flowers, photos of the departed, and the favorite foods and drinks of the one being honored. 

We always create an altar in our home for my mom and other loved ones who have passed away.

There are several traditional Mexican dishes prepared for Dia de los Muertos, including Pan de Muerto, Chicken Mole, Tamales, and hot beverages like Mexican hot chocolate or Champurrado. We are busy getting our home decorated for the upcoming holiday. This year we will be serving for dinner Red Mole Chicken Enchiladas.

The good news is that we are able to find all the ingredients needed for an authentic and traditional Dia de los Muertos at our local FOOD4LESS® grocery store. The grocer makes it super convenient and the prices are incredible. We can find candles, pan de muerto (you can find our recipe for pan de muerto here), pan dulce, and all of the Mexican products to place items on our altar commemorating our deceased family members and friends.

We were able to find candles, Simple Truth brand peanuts for the mole and of course, fresh cilantro from their large produce section. 



Red mole carries a bit more heat than the more chocolaty version of Mole Poblano that has more of the Mexican chocolate flavor. Personally, I prefer red mole over the chocolate-dense sauce. There are many mole pastes available at FOOD4LESS® or Mexican markets. Click here to shop for ingredients at FOOD4LESS®​. Find one you like and do what I do, doctor it up a bit to make it your own. I add additional peanuts, peanut butter, and chipotle pepper in adobo sauce for an extra layer of flavor and heat. 

Assembling your chicken enchiladas can be fun! 


Assembling the enchiladas is the fun part of the process.

You can find our recipe for Red Mole Chicken Enchiladas below.


Prep Time30 minutes

Cook Time1 hour

Total Time1 hour 30 minutes


2 large chicken breasts bone in and skin

32 ounces chicken broth

1 cup of water

8 0z mole paste

1 chipotle pepper in adobo sauce

1 large tablespoon of creamy peanut butter

¼ cup of peanuts Simple Truth brand

3 tablespoons raisins

1/4 cup vegetable oil

10-12 corn tortillas

3 cups shredded Monterey Jack Cheese

Garnish with cilantro and crushed peanuts

1/2 cup crumbled queso fresco


Boil chicken and let sit to cool. About 30 minutes.

Bring broth and mole paste to simmer and allow paste to
dissolve. Allow to cool.

In a blender, add mole sauce, a cup of water, chipotle pepper in adobo sauce, peanut butter, and peanuts. Blend well until silky smooth.

In a small frying pan, add 1/4 cup of vegetable oil over medium heat.

Quickly add a corn tortilla, frying for about 15 seconds on each side.

Remove the tortilla from the frying pan onto a dinner place or another work surface nearby. Be careful with the hot oil.

Fill the tortilla in the middle lengthwise with the shredded chicken and cheese. Spoon some mole on top of the chicken and cheese mixture.

Roll the tortilla to make the enchilada and place on a large platter.

Repeat the process until you have made 10 enchiladas.

Generously spoon over the mole sauce to cover the enchiladas.

Crumble queso fresco, crushed nuts and chopped cilantro to garnish.

Serve immediately with rice and beans.

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  1. Thank you for this recipe. I haven’t tried but glad because my Mom made Mole and I never got a recipe. This looks exactly like hers.

    • Stephen Chavez

      Let us know how yours came out and what you thought of our recipe. I wish I took more time writing down a lot of my mom’s recipes as well.

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