Lomo Arigato Food Truck Features a “Secret” Aji Sauce that’s to Die For

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This weekend LatinoFoodie ventured over to the Lummis Festival in Northeast Los Angeles. Our first stop, of course, the food trucks. The Lomo Arigato truck décor alone had us thinking this was going to be a different food experience. On the front hood protruded a butcher’s cleaver knife as if to slice a new flavor in LA’s trendy food truck scene. Yet, Lomo Arigato has been around for two years.

Lomo Salturado with Beef Tri-tips and Aji Sauce

We ordered the Lomo Salturado with tri-tip beef. The beef is perfectly sautéed with red onions, French fries, cilantro, soy sauce and red wine. As they were cooking the mixture in the wok, high flames darted upward inside the truck. Fun to watch, but a bit scary, too. 

The beef was tender and cut into bite size strips. What was the most surprising part of the dish was how crisp the fries remained through the sauté process.

However, the item that set this whole dish apart from being just another beef stir fry over white rice was this creamy, bright green sauce called Aji. We were told that in Peru, aji is a staple sauce in many kitchens much like salsa is in Mexican households. The woman working behind the food truck counter seemed a bit weary when I asked her the ingredients of this spicy sauce. I think she thought I was some kind of spy trying to steal her recipe. When I explained I wrote for a food blog, all she would reveal was that it was a secret sauce with a jalapeño base mixed with a Japanese mayonnaise.

We’ll definitely be on the lookout for Lomo Arigato around LA. Rumor has it that they’re in the South Bay and West LA part of town all the time. Just look for a cleaver knife coming out of the hood of a food truck and you’ve found them.

We searched online for an Aji Sauce recipe. There are a lot of recipes on the internet for this mystery green sauce.  Be creative and adjust ingredients to your liking.

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