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Latino Foodie Christmas Wish List: Books

Every year hundreds of new cookbooks are unleashed on the unsuspecting public, causing mayhem with mysterious ingredients and panic attacks when you realize your bookcase has reached critical mass. So you dig your way out of last year's fads, wiping away a layer of...
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Digging the Idaho Potato Harvest 2015

Towards the end of summer, while Los Angeles was baking, I took a trip to Idaho. Yup, Idaho. The Idaho Potato Commission invited a group of bloggers and food professionals to experience the Idaho Potato Harvest firsthand. Short of driving a tractor, we got...
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Tropical Chipotle Cranberry Sauce

The holidays can sometimes show us just how set we are in our old ways.Believe it or not even with my culinary degree and foodie pedigree, I still crave holiday cranberry sauce that has a cylindrical imprint of a tin can. It's what I...
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