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This Pozole Rojo, or “red” pozole, is made with pork shoulder or shanks, red chiles, and lots of hominy corn. Although in our photos, the soup looks loaded with goodness, the soup itself is quite simple with pork and hominy and a light broth.Serve...
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Cornbread and Ham Recipe

Cornbread is food for the soul and the cornerstone of Soul Food.  Tex-Mex has made adding jalapeños, fresh corn kernels, and shredded cheese a popular accessory in the hearty bread. Cornbread in a skillet, or skillet bread, made with lard or bacon...
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I grew up eating chile verde in burritos, quesadillas or on a plate with rice and beans. I'm talking about my all time favorite Slow Cooked Pork Chile Verde Recipe. It's pork shoulder (or butt) cooked so slow that it falls off...
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Hatch Enchiladas Suizas with Chicken

You'll never want to eat any other kind of enchilada after tasting these amazing Hatch Enchiladas Suizas with Chicken.In every bite, you'll enjoy the robust flavor and heat from the hot Hatch Green Chiles. Heavy cream and sour cream mellow the fire from...
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